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Historic 1863 Clinton St for Sale

1863 Clinton Street at the corner of Clinton + Weimar was listed for sale as of 6/30/16. The property contains 2 residential units, 3 commercial units and a large garage/storage space. It’s listed for $160,000 and would be eligible for Better Buffalo Main Street Initiative Grant Money, if awarded. This property once housed Mazurek’s Bakery and is listed… Continue reading Historic 1863 Clinton St for Sale

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10 Ways You Can Support a Kaisertown Revitalization

  Say Nice Things. When you talk about Kaisertown to your friends or family or neighbors, say nice things about it. One thing that doesn’t improve a neighborhood is telling everyone you know what you don’t like about it. Word of mouth travels fast- consider a restaurant review. It’s unlikely you’ll go to a place that… Continue reading 10 Ways You Can Support a Kaisertown Revitalization

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Quotes about the Old Neighborhood

“I have spoken to hundreds of people who mourn the loss of a sense of place tied to block, school, and neighborhood church. When you talk to them further, you may also find that they were busily helping to create the new rootlessness during the years of urban change. Many conclude there was no other… Continue reading Quotes about the Old Neighborhood

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1916 Clinton: Newman’s

  The following is a guest blog post written by Craig Spangler 1916 Clinton Street 1916 Clinton Street used to be called Newman’s and actually closed a month after I moved to Kaisertown. I only stepped a foot inside one time to ask if they served food. They didn’t and without stopping for a… Continue reading 1916 Clinton: Newman’s