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Walter + Kaisertown




I was pretty sad today to hear that life-long Kaisertowner and my former across-the-street neighbor passed away in September. Walter is one of the first people that I met upon moving to Barnard St and his colorful conversations have stuck with me. In fact, I mentioned him in my second ever Kaisertown Buffalo blog post here where he spoke his mind about the shoddy condition of our new foreclosure property.

I did a quick search on Walter today and learned that he passed away on September 19th with services held at Buzka Funeral Home, a true Kaisertowner to the end.

Walter served in the Army during WWII and was taken prisoner by Germany for an estimated 15 months. During that time the US military informed his family that he was Missing in Action and soon after they received news that he had been Killed in Action and buried.  Imagine their surprise when the war ended and he returned to his parents house! I know he liked to recall the details of the surprise that he gave his Mom when he showed up on her porch that day.

He was 91 years old when I first met him and he passed away at age 94. I’m happy to say that I remember him being surrounded by his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Walter’s obituary can be found here.

See a photo of Walter here.

Information about his military service can be found here.

Rest in Peace Walter.

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