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New Animal Shelter in Kaisertown Offers Cat Adoptions; Sells Reduced Price Pet Supplies

When Nine Lives Aren’t Enough, There’s the Ten Lives Club

Last Friday afternoon I stopped by the recently opened Ten Lives Club located at 2074 Clinton St. In their own words, the Ten Lives Club “is a cat rescue and adoption group which is a registered non-profit organization run by volunteers and staff committed to promoting, furthering and enhancing all cat life”. 

In reality, they are much more.  They are saving the lives of animals coming from abuse, neglect, starvation and high kill shelters.  They are taking in litters of kittens, preventing them from becoming feral cats and finding them loving homes.  At the time of my visit there were two sibling, adult cats that had been taken from a hoarding situation and had never been exposed to any environment outside of the small box they had lived inside their entire lives (they have since found their forever home,  pictured below). Another poor soul arrived with a seriously injured tail and missing an eye.

Ten Lives Club has a main location at 3741 Lake Shore Rd in Blasdell, the Clinton Street location is serving as a satellite. They rely on donations to feed, shelter and provide appropriate medical treatment to care for and rehouse their furry residents. (Quick shout out to Dr. Josh Bruzgul who has provided some medical care for these animals at Pet Degree on Clinton St)  All animals at the Clinton Street location are available for adoption including SEVEN super adorable kittens.  Even if you can’t adopt, you can stop to check them out in storefront window. Just don’t tap the glass, we all remember what happened to Dudley Dursley

So, you want to help but you can’t adopt?  Here’s how. 

1)      Follow on social media so that you can stay in tune with all upcoming events and promotions. You can follow on Facebook or Instagram @tlcclintonst2074.

2)      Donate some cash money. There is a beautiful DONATE button easily accessible on Ten Lives Club Facebook Page.

3)      Wish List Wednesday. Each week Ten Lives updates their Walmart and Target wish lists which is filled with needed supplies.  Check them out and bring them some supplies!

4)      Stop by with some stuff in person. Do you have something on hand that you think could be useful but isn’t on the list? Give them a call to see if they’re interested at 716-212-9852 or visit them online at  Two weeks ago a lovely donor brought in a washing machine which has been a real game changer.  Still searching for the perfect dryer mate!

5)      Buy donated goods.  Animal shelters receive all types of donations and for various reasons are unable to use all of it (think dog food at a cat shelter).  While Ten Lives can always use cat food and kitty litter, it does have a surplus of other items which will periodically pop up for sale. Not only does this mean there are Pet Supplies Available for Sale IN KAISERTOWN, but the proceeds will go to benefit the shelter directly.  Too many wins to count. Currently in stock are: Purina Cat Treats: 2.1 oz bags for a DOLLAR or 6 bags for $5, Purina Pro Plan 18 lb dog food for $10  (usually $30 in stores), 6 lb Purina Pro Plan dog food for $4, 20 oz Friskies cat treats $4 and Purina Beggin Bacon Popper dog treats are 29 oz for $4. Every purchase gets a free dental chew for dogs or a 2.1 oz bag of cat treats! More products will be added soon and if there’s something In particular that your pet eats, please contact Ten Lives so they can see if they have it in stock!

6)      Attend the fundraising events.  Currently on the docket is a Paint and Sip party on Sept 8th at 7pm- check out the details and register you and a friend.  This is a really fun way to hang with your pals, enjoy a cocktail and raise some money for a great cause!

Welcome to the neighborhood Ten Lives Club! Kaisertown is thrilled to have a non-profit that helps animals in need, fills a mixed use  building and contributes to the revitalization of the neighborhood!

Ten Lives Club on Clinton Street is located at 2074 Clinton St, Cheektowaga, NY. They can be reached at 716-218-952 or via

 Hours: Monday 11-6, Tuesday 11-7, Thursday 11-6, Friday 11-4, Saturday 11-4

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