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#BuffaloveAllOfIt- Repost Buffalo Rising

A city that’s limited to two densely packed retail corridors is, in my opinion, a dull city.  As Buffalo revitalizes one of the goals should be to create pockets of thriving neighborhoods all over the city. It would give the city depth, expand affordable houses across more income levels and encourage small business growth.  This Buffalo Rising article written by Craig… Continue reading #BuffaloveAllOfIt- Repost Buffalo Rising

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What’s with the Flamingos?

It’s an old stereotype that Polish Americans in working class neighborhoods like lawn ornaments. The pink flamingo is the best known lawn ornament of all time and there are a bunch of online articles about the history of the pink flamingo specifically appearing in historically Polish neighborhoods in Buffalo between 1960 and 1980. Since their… Continue reading What’s with the Flamingos?

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Bring Back the Brick- Kaisertown Reddit

  Along with preservation of historic buildings, there has been recent conversation by Buffalonians about brick streets and the possibility of restoring them. Fenton St in Kaisertown is still laid in brick and covered in pavement which has spurred dialogue about whether the brick should be restored. This photo was recently posted to Reddit and… Continue reading Bring Back the Brick- Kaisertown Reddit

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Quotes about the Old Neighborhood

“I have spoken to hundreds of people who mourn the loss of a sense of place tied to block, school, and neighborhood church. When you talk to them further, you may also find that they were busily helping to create the new rootlessness during the years of urban change. Many conclude there was no other… Continue reading Quotes about the Old Neighborhood