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A city, no matter how efficiently planned out or how beautiful, is rendered worthless without people. It cannot exist because it takes people to make a city. It is people who will take the empty shells of buildings and make them function. It is people who take space and turn it into places. It is people who anchor the city in time, even if only for a fleeting moment.

The Creation of City Space by Pedestrians, According to de Certeau by Francesca Wodtke
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Vacant Storefronts: Public Enemy #1

Despite the bright light that this blog hopes to shine on Kaisertown, the community is not without problems. Among them are heavy drug use, drug houses, absentee landlords, decline of owner occupied housing and safety of the neighborhood (either perceived or real). And then there is the commercial strip filled with vacant storefronts. In my… Continue reading Vacant Storefronts: Public Enemy #1

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Building a Better Block, in Kaisertown

In April 2010 the “Build a Better Block” project was created in Texas, near Houston on an old streetcar corridor. The project was seeking to revitalize a single commercial block on a street lined with vacant commercial properties, wide streets and little to offer the people of the neighborhood. The goal was to create a… Continue reading Building a Better Block, in Kaisertown