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Ode to the Sandwich

Sandwiches are my favorite food. There’s something so satisfying about the infinite options of meat, cheese, condiment and bread.  The perfect vessel for the finest flavor combinations. Imagine my delight when I had a free hour yesterday and decided to drop into the recently opened (November 2016) Potts Deli Express, specializing in the fine art of sandwich crafting.

  Not long ago 37 South Rossler was a storage facility.  It has now been transformed into a brand new, quick turn deli.  Upon arrival, I was greeting politely by the owners and took a minute to review the sandwich menu.  I decided to go with the Turkey Gibbler sandwich and was assured that it was a best seller. As my turkey was being freshly sliced at the deli I took a moment to check out the retail food offerings in the shop. 


I found a nice selection of Yancey’s Fancy cheese, prepared pepperoni and flavored sausage bites, Pine River cheese spreads, Wardynski’s bologna, Polish sausage and liver sausage, bacon, Miller’s horseradish, crackers, rye bread and Chrusciki Angel Wings.  The deli case provides numerous brands of ham, bologna, turkey, salami, chicken, roast beef, pastrami, olive loaf, pepperoni, head cheese and capicola.  There are also a range of cheeses available to be sliced per order and freshly baked rolls. 

Potts Deli Express also offers prepared foods. The cooler showcased Golombki, goulash, pierogi, coleslaw, potato salad, macaroni salad and olive salad among others. All are available for purchase by the pound and there is also an option to “Build Your Own Dinner” for $6.99 which includes an entree and 2 sides. 


I received my Turkey Gibbler, which included a side and a pickle for $5.99.  The Gibbler comes with roasted turkey slices, provolone cheese and cranberry horseradish sauce on a fresh kaiser roll. The sandwich and the potato salad side were both delicious and a good deal for six bucks! Other notable sandwich offerings currently include the Beer-Rami (pastrami on rye with beer mustard and onion cheese) and the Hot Buffalove (Buffalo chicken, Buffalo wing cheese and Tom’s hot sauce on a kaiser roll).


The owners plan to continue introducing new retail products and sandwich offerings and they’d like to know what you think! Reach out to them with your suggestions.  You can follow on Facebook: @pottsdeliexpress or on Instagram @Potts_Express for updates on new products or promotions, or by phone at 716-725-6103.  The shop is open from 10a- 5p daily. There is plenty of parking, but note that the shop is not designed to eat on site so you should plan on taking your items to go.  

Potts Express is owned by a couple that lives in Kaisertown and want to increase their business in the neighborhood. The Potts family has shown a commitment to the area by expanding and investing- Kaisertowners will hopefully show their support by spending their dollars locally. Family owned stores rely on repeat business for their livelihood, so please share this post and consider stopping by to scoop a delicious lunch or dinner to go!

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