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Historic 1863 Clinton St for Sale

1863 Clinton Street at the corner of Clinton + Weimar was listed for sale as of 6/30/16. The property contains 2 residential units, 3 commercial units and a large garage/storage space. It’s listed for $160,000 and would be eligible for Better Buffalo Main Street Initiative Grant Money, if awarded.

This property once housed Mazurek’s Bakery and is listed on the Preservation Ready Sites webpage.  Obtaining a buyer that is interested in investing in the property and using the commercial space in a manner beneficial to the commercial strip is paramount to the development of Clinton Street.  This is a large building which could be a great benefit or detriment to the neighborhood depending upon the involvement of the new owner.

Please share and help find a community invested owner for this historic property! The property link can been seen on Zillow here.

You can view the Preservation Ready Sites page here.

Photos from Preservation Ready Sites + Forgotten Buffalo.



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  1. This building once housed J.J. Mazurek bakery, a relative to the Mazurek’s Bakery located on 543 S. Park. However this is not the same bakery as the Mazurek’s Bakery on S. Park is still in it’s original location from when it opened in 1933. I believe it was a brother who owned the bakery on Clinton St.

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