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10 Ways You Can Support a Kaisertown Revitalization


  1. Say Nice Things. When you talk about Kaisertown to your friends or family or neighbors, say nice things about it. One thing that doesn’t improve a neighborhood is telling everyone you know what you don’t like about it. Word of mouth travels fast- consider a restaurant review. It’s unlikely you’ll go to a place that someone you know told you is terrible. Kaisertown has plenty of assets. Pick one and talk about it!

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2. Walk the Neighborhood. A neighborhood filled with people walking the streets is always safer than one where the residents stay inside until they need to drive somewhere. Make an effort to walk to a local store or restaurant, to walk your dog, go for a jog or just move around and interact with your neighbors. One of Kaisertown’s biggest assets is its walkability and it should be celebrated!

3. Take photo and post it to social media. Show people some of the good that happens here by utilizing social media. It is not difficult to come across a beautiful garden, a decorated home, kids playing in the street or some deer grazing in Kaisertown. Not all neighborhoods have this, so share it!

4. Use Kaisertown hashtags! If you post something to social media, make it easy for people interested in the neighborhood to find your images. Try #Kaisertown, #KaisertownBuffalo, or #KtownBuff to tag something local to Kaisertown.

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5. Check In! Use the check-in function to show what you’re doing in Kaisertown. This is an easy way to spread the word about businesses and activities in the neighborhood and gives people a subtle reminder that Weichec’s isn’t just open during fish fry season and St. Casimir offers Mass outside of Christmas and Easter.


6. Attend local events. You can check this blog, the Kaisertown Coalition FB page or the East Clinton Shopper for upcoming events in the neighborhood. There’s actually a lot that happens in Kaisertown between the holiday tree lighting, the kids Christmas Party, the Easter Egg Hunt, Dyngus Day festivities, Beggar’s Night, National Night Out, the local church functions, the Community Center functions, the Senior Center events and Kaisertown Coalition meetings. Don’t forget to check in and share on social media with hashtags!

7. Use 311. If you see something that’s a problem, please report it. You can call 311 or the city now has an app for mobile phones where you can log an issue. I have used the app successfully a few times and seen the issues remedied.

8. Share your ideas. If you have an idea on how to improve the neighborhood, share them. You can comment to this blog or message the administrators on the Kaisertown Coalition Facebook page, or call Councilman Fontana’s office. There is now a committee assembled to discuss making improvements to the neighborhood called the Kaisertown 2025 Committee, so your suggestion can be heard. Please keep in mind that neighborhood improvement takes time and suggestions should reflect that.

9.Support Local Business.  Choose to spend your money in your own neighborhood.  For persons who grew up in Kaisertown and moved away, come back for breakfast at Lucky’s or to buy some Polish foods from European Deli. You vote to improve Kaisertown or help its decline when you choose where to spend your money.


10.Encourage people to visit. Introduce the neighborhood to people who aren’t familiar with it. Two years ago I had a Kaisertown Pub Crawl for my birthday which brought 10 or 15 people to the neighborhood. Each of those people spent money on drinks at several different bars and many ordered food. It was helpful to local bars, my friends explored a different part of Buffalo and all of them posted photos throughout the night. You don’t need a whole crew either, you can bring someone to lunch, dinner or just recommend a local business.


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  1. I was born and raised in Buffalo ( North Buffalo ) and have heard about Kaisertown but do not know where it is located . Is it on the east side ?

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