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Sometimes nostalgia can bring out the worst in us, particularly when discussing place. It is human nature to discuss the good old days and compare them to today; focusing on what is different or missing. Neighborhoods are constantly changing, positive or negative. A place will never stay exactly the same and when you leave a familiar place and return to something different, it’s understandable that sometimes you may be disappointed.

That place that you left is now someone else’s home. Often times it can be the neighbor you used to live next to, the neighbor that never left. You have the right to your opinions about the manner in which it is being kept, but please acknowledge that there are people working to preserve and care for that very neighborhood which you are so eager to dismiss with negativity.

Kaisertown has its share of problems, like many places do. It is not the same as it was 20 years ago or 50 years ago. If you take the time to look past the slum lord rentals and vacant storefronts, you’ll see some beautifully kept homes and their equally lovely gardens. You’ll see kids still playing summertime games in the street. You’ll see old traditions being upheld by those who have never been interested in giving up. Those are the people that this page is intended for, those who remember what is was like and work to make it better each day. I hope they continue with their positivity and excitement when new businesses discover Kaisertown. I hope they continue to welcome new home owners who discover that it IS possible to buy a home in the city that has been well cared for and maintained at an affordable price. I hope that they maintain their old Kaisertown traditions and embrace new ones along the way. And I hope that they continue to comment and interact and share information about Kaisertown that engages their neighbors and sparks new ideas on how to continually make improvements.

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