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Ain’t to Proud to Beg on Beggar’s Night

I’ve been hearing about Beggar’s Night since moving to Kaisertown and knew that it was a big deal, but didn’t know the reality until it actually went down.

We thought we were ready- starting to stock up on candy at the end of August, buying one bag here and two bags there….we were fools starting with only 15 bags and thinking it would be enough. We opened for business at 6pm and by 6:45pm were cleared out. A run was made to CVS on Dingen’s where an additional $85 in candy was procured. This lasted another 45 minutes or so, forcing us to shut down our operation at 7:20pm.

They come in swarms, rolling anywhere from 10-25 kids deep. Heaven help you if you run out of candy mid-swarm. The streets are virtually un-drivable from 6-8pm, with kids, parents and dogs covering the streets and sidewalks.

This is the most alive I’ve seen Kaisertown to date. What a fun tradition!

There were some good costumes, some great face paint and masks, lots of Elsa’s and Ninja Turtles. It’s a great experience and a nice night for Kaisertown. People definitely come from other neighborhoods and Kaisertown seems to rise to the occasion with enthusiasm. Next year I hope I’m able to walk around a bit during the madness so get the full experience.

Unfortunately, with everything good there are a few negatives. This morning it was revealed that someone put glass shards in a bunch of blow pops that were handed out to kids. Sick. I don’t know what kind of twisted weirdo does that- but it re-enforces the fact that you must check all Halloween candy before it’s eaten.

Another low point is some of the adults who came out. I must have handed out at least 100 pieces of candy to adults dressed in costumes (?) or non-costumed adults trick-or-treating for their “babies”.

This is annoying for a couple reasons. First, the people who are handing out candy are spending a lot of money to participate in this tradition. If you’re trick-or-treating for yourself as an adult, you need to stop so that there is enough for the kids who are participating. Second, why would an adult be trick-or-treating for a baby? You’re really going to stockpile an infant with Halloween candy? Be serious. If your kid isn’t old enough to trick-or-treat for themselves then you should not be collecting on their behalf. Again, you’re taking candy from kids who really want to participate.

There has been talk in the past couple years about Kaisertown shutting down Beggar’s Night, I think mostly due to the people who are taking advantage of the event. I think we had as much fun as the trick-or-treaters though, so I hope it continues. I’d rather deal with a few bad apples than have the event cancelled. Here’s to hoping that everyone has as much fun tonight as we did last night! Happy Halloween!

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