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The River of Dreams, in Houghton Park

I used to live blocks from Delaware Park and considered it one of the greatest features of the Parkside neighborhood. But, after moving to Kaisertown I discovered all that Houghton Park has to offer. The park reaches from the rear of Houghton Academy on Clinton Street back to the Buffalo River and can be considered paramount in terms of recreational parks in Buffalo. There are many options for green space in Buffalo, so it’s nice to say that while not as large as some of the well known parks, Houghton can hold its own.

More than any other park that I’ve visited in Buffalo, Houghton excels at recreational activities. Available for public use are: an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, a splash pad, swing sets, jungle gyms, basketball courts, baseball diamonds and street hockey courts. I’ve never seen such a diverse selection of activities, geared towards children and adults alike. I have visited on days where the park is empty and days where it is bustling with activity. There is also a circle track for walking/running, a green space in the center of the dirt track which has been used for volleyball and soccer games, and picnic shelters and tables.

The park is well maintained and backs up to the Buffalo River. Should you decide to walk up on the railroad tracks (trespasser!) you might just come across some canoeing and kayaking. The role of the Buffalo River and its role in Kaisertown seems to be overlooked- but it offers a unique landscape blocks from a retail/commercial area.

It’s always nice to come across enjoyable surprises like Houghton Park! This blog is best show in photos- enjoy!

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