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Big Shot(s) on the Kaisertown Pub Crawl

Here’s the great part about birthdays, it’s the one day you can force your friends to hang out in a locale that they may consider undesirable. If they’re good friends, they go without complaining. I have good friends- so the (1st Annual?) Kaisertown Pub Crawl was born. There was no complaining and perhaps even some enthusiasm.

Stop 1- The Firehouse Bar @ 2141 Clinton St. This is a sports bar with a fireman’s twist. The perimeter of the bar area is decorated with a collection of fireman’s helmets. Were it the end of the pub crawl instead of the beginning, I may have asked to try one on.

Stop 2- SC Lounge @ 2115 Clinton St. Rumor has it that this was originally slated to be named “Sin City Lounge” but the local churches weren’t having that type of establishment in Kaisertown! True or not, I’m unsure- but based upon the signage on the bar it looks like the score is Kaisertown Churches- 1, Bar-0. This was turned in to the SC Lounge about a year and a half ago and it’s a pretty nice place to hangout. They have about 10 beers on tap and a larger variety by the bottle. I had a Hell or High Watermelon- one more before the pumpkin brews take over. Out front there’s a patio with tables and the SC Lounge sign has a pretty rad Buffalo skyline as it’s background.

Stop 3- Porky’s Amber Lounge @ 2028 Clinton St. This place is awesome. Retro bar. Cheap drinks (mine was $2.50). This place has been family owned for decades and the owners (a brother and sister team) were both there on Friday night. This is a place worth visiting even without the offer of a steak dinner deal for the Bears/Bills season opener…Visit Porky’s , I promise it’ll be worth it.

Stop 4- Dad’s Café @ 1895 Clinton St. This was a good final stop for me. Close to home. Beer bucket special. To cap it all off they have a killer Kaisertown glass etching behind the bar. Can’t blame them for showing a little K-town pride.

To be fair, the pub crawl made it to about half of the possible pub crawl options. In Kaisertown proper, there is still Wiechec’s Lounge @ 1748 Clinton St (separate post on this place to come), Park Lounge @ 1761 Clinton St, P&K’s @ 71 Weiss St, Ray’s Lounge (see old posts for info on this) and The Edge Bowling Center @ 2071 Clinton St. Just outside the main part of Kaisertown is: Desi’s on the corner of Clinton and Bailey, Saddle Up Saloon @ 55 Hubbard St and the Bowl Inn @ 727 Bailey Ave.

The long and short of it shows that Kaisertown has a lot to offer in terms of drinking holes. Many of the locals say that there used to be many more options back in the day. It was a fun night and a great way to explore some new places. The people were friendly and the bartenders seemed happy to be serving a crowd. After a short visit to each of the bars, it’s easier to imagine what things were like when each retail space was occupied and Kaisertown was a bustling neighborhood. Maybe more events like the Kaisertown Pub Crawl will shed some light on the history and potential this little street carries.

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