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And So It Goes, at Lucky’s

I have the day off from work today and started with breakfast at a local joint at 1903 Clinton Street called Lucky’s Texas Red Hots. If you’ve never been, don’t let the name fool you. While they do have a standing “buy 5 red hots and get the 6th free” offer, it’s a full service diner with plenty of other options. I arrived around 9:30am to find a group of regulars hanging out drinking coffee. I’ve been at Lucky’s several times before moving to the neighborhood, and have seen this crew once or twice.

The options are plentiful at Lucky’s with menu options ranging from omelets, pancakes, sandwiches, dinner entrees to a few homemade desserts. I ordered a coffee and the Polish Western omlette. When in Rome, right? It was delicious, made with sautéed green pepper, onion and a healthy portion of Polish sausage and served with home fries and rye toast.

The food is ready quickly, and it’s almost a shame because the conversation,that you cannot help but overhear, is one of a kind. It could be a scene from a movie to be honest. A group of 5-10 retired men sitting around shooting the shit on topics from the Yankees to the Catholic Church to the Ferguson crisis in Missouri. Everyone’s got an option and some are louder than others. There’s a lot of ball busting too and I don’t think anyone is truly safe from friendly ridicule. Perhaps the best part of my stay was listening to the debate over whether it was ok to take out ones hearing aid during Church services.

Regardless of the conversational topics, the best part of the experience is the level of comfort everyone has in this little diner. Plenty of laughter, plenty of friendly faces.

It’s places like Lucky’s that really makes Kaisertown unique. You can google it, but there will be no reviews and Urban Spoon isn’t going to call it out as the “Talk of the Town”. It’s the kind of place that you just have to know about or happen to stumble upon. Either way, it’s a one block walk from home for me- who’s the Lucky one now?

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