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Scenes from a Kaisertown Restaurant

I’ve lived in WNY my entire life except for college (plus a couple years to sow my wild oats in the dirty south). It amazes me how many places I am still discovering!

This weekend I stumbled upon a great find- Ray’s Lounge & Catering at 2070 Clinton St. The building is massive and a newcomer doesn’t really know what to expect, but once inside you’re sure to be delighted. The bar is RETRO, the glassware is RETRO, the beer is RET…well the beer is Polish. But Polish beer at a retro bar was a great start to my weekend.

Ray’s is only open to the public on Friday nights and while there are many menu options, most go there for the Polish buffet. The buffet is a good deal ordinarily at $12.95, coming with pierogi, sausage, kraut, breaded fish, salad, soup, rye bread, assorted cold mixed salads and breaded shrimp. However, those in the know (now including you!) realize the first Friday of the month is where it’s at because that’s the only time that the porkchops are on the buffet!

Ray’s is only open on Friday’s because it’s usually rented out for weddings, showers and other events. The place is massive so if you have an upcoming gathering you may want to check it out (dum dum da dum ❤️❤️)!

Long and short of the story- get to Ray’s. Whether it’s the first Friday of the month or not, you’re bound to get get a good deal, eat some good Polish food and have some fun!

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