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Kaisertown State of Mind

I’ve moved around a bit over the years and throughout these moves it’s nice to have a local publication to assist with getting to know your new hood. Buffalo as a whole, of course, has Artvoice which is filled with the local goings on of the metro area. Yesterday, while on a hardware store run (Hector’s) and dinner run (Molino’s) – I discovered The East Clinton Shopper!

This type of thing delights me. The East Clinton Shopper is an 8 page newspaper serving Kaisertown, Lovejoy, Sloan, South Cheektowaga and West Seneca. It’s everything I could want of a local publication. Issued monthly, it provides residents the inside scoop to the planned local events.

The Shopper has a monthly column penned by Mr. Richard Fontana, the Lovejoy District Councilman. It features advertisements supporting local businesses and boasts an average reach of 5,000 readers per month. It highlights local events, such as the upcoming Our Lady of Czestochowa Lawn Fete due to occur at 2160 Clinton Street from Friday, 6/20 through Sunday, 6/22. Highlights include live music and a fish fry dinner on Friday, live music (Hit and Run) and a Polish Platter on Saturday, and a live music and a Chicken/Rib dinner on Sunday. All days will feature homemade food stand and GAMES OF CHANCE! Clearly, there will also be beer.

Of particular interest to me were 2 columns. First was written by Elizabth J von Hahn- proprietor of Kaisertown Crafts and Gifts. Say what?? That’s right, K-town has its own locally owned craft shop. The column gets into detail about class offerings and project ideas. It’s also possible to head into the shop to hone your craft! Knitting, quilting, cross-stitching and crocheting are all possible on site and if you get stuck on part of your project, help is available. The offerings extend past the usual craft options where Ms. van Hahn offers alteration services (shortening of jeans will run $6), or she’ll teach you how to do it yourself. I can’t wait to stop in to check things out, sign up for a class and make her acquaintance.

Despite all of these highlights, it was undoubtedly the column that gave the meeting minutes of the Kaisertown Coalition that captured my attention the most. This outlined local Kaisertown events occurring since the prior meeting. The Coalition discussed a park clean up and a lighting project. They also discussed points of concern including a series of car break-ins (people hadn’t locked their cars) and the shutting down of a drug house. The column ends with an announcement of the next Coalition meeting and the following statement “remember, it’s easier to keep your neighborhood, than to take it back.” Wise words.

The people of Kaisertown are working to keep their neighborhood a nice place to live. It’s obvious in the maintenance of their homes and their attention to local gathering areas. I’d like to help them and know this is the exact mentality that has me in a Kaisertown state of mind.

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